ISPO Remastered
Earn FLICK by delegating your ADA to the Flickto ISPO

Key Facts

Pool Details

Pool Ticker(s): FLICK
(more pools will be opened once we're closer to saturation with a limit of 3 pools maximum)
Start Date: 14th February 2022 (EPOCH 321)
End Date: 24th July 2022 (EPOCH 353)
Base Reward: 0.33 FLICK for every 1 ADA of Active Stake
ISPO Remastered is a 100% FLICK pool, meaning you will earn FLICK tokens instead of ADA Rewards. That's why our variable fee is set to 99%.
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Long Term Holding Bonus'

Available to all delegators:
  • 10% bonus FLICK when held for 20 EPOCHS
  • 15% bonus FLICK when held for 25 EPOCHS
  • 20% bonus FLICK when held for 30 EPOCHS


All ISPO Remastered tokens will begin vesting 2 EPOCHs after the end of ISPO Remastered (24th July 2022).
We wait for two full EPOCHs so that all long term delegation bonuses' can be accurately calculated (as it takes 2 EPOCHs to enter our pool and 2 EPOCHs to leave it).
You can expect your FLICK tokens to be airdropped into your wallet on August 4th-5th, 2022.
We will begin vesting early on the 4th, and the vesting will be batched throughout the day. Not all tokens will be sent at once but evenly in a random order over 48 hours to avoid network congestion. While we have given a window of 48 hours, assuming no congestion issues, we should be able to get 100% of the tokens distributed during the first 12 hours on August 4th.

Additional delegator rewards:

In addition to the long term holding bonus available to all delegators of ISPO Remastered, the following two groups of delegators are entitled to NFT Airdrops.

The Rebooters

Flickto had an earlier ISPO round (known as the "Primary Phase") that ran from November 1st until February 14th. The rewards for these have already been distributed to eligible delegators.
However, as an incentive for delegates that participated in the Primary Phase and remain delegated with the FLICK pool into ISPO Remastered, this group will receive a special utility Rebooters NFT at the end of ISPO Remastered (distributed shortly after their FLICK tokens).

New delegators

New delegators to ISPO Remastered that delegate a minimum of 100ADA during the first 5 EPOCHs will receive a celebratory new delegator NFT after being delegated to the pool for 5 EPOCHs.
These will be distributed during EPOCH 331.

Rewards Tracking